Monday, 7 October 2019

The Dragon Lady

Historical fiction based on the life of Lady Virginia Courtauld
During great social change in 1930s Britain and 1950s Rhodesia

 At Buitenverwachting Restaurant on Friday 18th October
12 noon for 12h30

The guest speaker is Louisa Treger, author of The Dragon Lady a classical violinist who subsequently turned to literature, earning a Ph.D. in English at University College, London, where she focused on early-twentieth-century women’s writing. Louisa’s first novel, The Lodger was published in 2014. She lives in London with her husband, children and dog. She will be introducing us to her latest exciting novel.

The Book
Opening with the shooting of Lady Virginia Courtauld in her tranquil garden in 1950s Rhodesia, The Dragon Lady tells Ginnie's extraordinary story so-called for the exotic tattoo snaking up her leg. From the glamorous Italian Riviera of the roaring twenties to sultry, segregated Rhodesia in the fifties, the narrative spans enormous cultural and social change. Lady Virginia Courtauld was a boundary-breaking, extremely colourful and unconventional character who rejected the submissive role woman were expected to play.

Subtly blending fact and fiction this novel keeps the reader guessing from the outset, who shot the Dragon Lady and why.

A gourmet meal created by Edgar Osojnik especially for Thursday Club promises to be delicious and will be accompanied by Buitenverwachting’s exquisite wines.

The price per ticket is R495 which includes service and wine. For more information or to book please telephone Sandy on 021 685 8016 or by email

Occasionally we change from a Thursday to another day to accommodate a special speaker.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

The Bosasa Billions - James Brent Styan

“A timely, thorough account of the Bosasa saga. The chronicle of the transition from
freedom fighters to unscrupulous state captors is astonishing.”

Venue:             The Pavilion, Kelvin Grove
Date:               Thursday 3rd October 2019
Time:               10h00 for 10h30
Speaker:          James Brent Styan

Guest Speaker James Brent Styan is the best-selling author of Heartbreaker - Christian Barnard and the first heart transplant and Steinhoff: Inside SA’s Biggest Corporate Crash both of which Thursday Club launched.  If you were lucky enough to be with us for these two events you will remember that James Brent Styan is one of the best speakers we have ever had the pleasure of hosting.  He is with us to tell us more about his recently launched book The Bosasa Billions which has been flying off the shelves and is into its second print run.


With South Africans still reeling from the revelations of state capture, the next bombshell hit the country: Bosasa – grand-scale corruption that had cost taxpayers billions.

Whistle-blower Angelo Agrizzi and Bosasa boss Gavin Watson soon became household names while gripping testimony before the Zondo commission held the public in thrall: little black books, elaborate bribes and walk-in vaults.

When President Cyril Ramaphosa – the man tasked with reforming the country – became entangled in the web himself, it sparked a political firestorm that threatened to engulf his presidency.
In The Bosasa Billions, best-selling author James-Brent Styan and co-writer Paul Vecchiatto tell the story of how one company hijacked the state to establish an extensive tender network stretching right to the top of the ANC government.

Watson’s employees likened the workings of his company to that of a cult. Ultimately, however, Bosasa was not in the business of saving souls. It was selling them.

James Brent Styan
James-Brent Styan, the former financial and parliamentary journalist is the best-selling author of Steinhoff: Inside SA’s Biggest Corporate Crash.
Paul Vecchiatto has more than 16 years’ experience as a parliamentary correspondent for several publications and wire services.

The Pavilion has always been enjoyed by members and Kelvin Grove will be serving a brunch which sounds fabulous. A glass of bubbly will start proceedings. The price per person is R330 which includes service and venue hire.

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We look forward to this one and I am sure the morning will be thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Monday, 2 September 2019

The Stellenbosch Mafia - Inside the Billionaires' Club


Buitenverwachting Restaurant, Thursday 5th September

Guest speaker PIETER DU TOIT is a political journalist and has held senior positions at a number of Afrikaans titles, including political correspondent and news editor at Die Beeld in Johannesburg. In 2017 he was appointed Editor of Huffington Post South Africa. He has covered politics for more than a decade. His first book Enemy of The People was a best seller.

About 50km outside of Cape Town lies the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, nestled against vineyards and blue mountains that stretch to the sky. Some of South Africa’s wealthiest individuals: all male, all Afrikaans live here – and all very, very rich; Johann Rupert, Jannie Mouton, Markus Jooste and Christo Weise, to name a few.

Julius Malema refers to them scathingly as ‘The Stellenbosch Mafia’, the very worst example of white monopoly capital.  But who really are these mega-wealthy individuals, and what influence do they exert not only on Stellenbosch but more broadly on South African society?
Author Pieter du Toit begins by exploring the roots of Stellenbosch, one of the wealthiest towns in South Africa and arguably the cradle of Afrikanerdom. This is the birthplace of apartheid leaders, intellectuals, newspaper empires and more.

He then closely examines this ‘club’ of billionaires. Who are they and, crucially, how are they connected? What network of boardroom membership, alliances, and family connections exists? Who are the ‘old guard’ and who are the ‘inkommers’, and what about the youngsters desperate to make their mark? He looks at the collapse of Steinhoff: what went wrong, and whether there are other companies at risk of a similar fate. He examines the control these men have over cultural life, including pulling the strings in South Africa rugby.

We return to the beautiful Buitenverwachting Restaurant for this luncheon. A superb 2-course luncheon with Amuse Bouche and Petit Fours including wines will cost you R495.

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Launching - Blood on Her Hands

Guest Speaker Tanya Farber i
introduces her latest book

Where:       The Blockhouse at Constantia Uitsig
When:        Thursday 15 August
Time:          12 noon for 12:30

Award-winning journalist Tanya Farber who currently writes for The Sunday Times brings to life lesser-known details of famous female murderers, in an accessible imaginative style. She combines storytelling
with research drawn from psychology to explain female deviancy.

Murder has always fascinated us, and when women are the masterminds, the intrigue flows exponentially. Not only are female murderers much rarer than male killers, but their crimes usually also involve a more sophisticated type of plotting.

In Blood on her hands, award-winning journalist Tanya Farber investigates the lives, minds and motivations of some of South  Africa’s most notorious female murderers, from the poisonous nurse, Daisy de Melker to the privileged but deeply disturbed Najwa Petersen, the mysterious Joey Harhoff who died before revealing where the bodies of her victims (including her own niece) were. Farber sets each case against the backdrop of the different eras and regions of 20th and early 21st century South Africa the women operated in. Her writing style is lighter than the subject matter might suggest and Blood on Her Hands will keep you reading until late at night... probably with your light on.

The women featured also include Dina Rodrigues, Phoenix Racing Cloud Theron, Marlene Lehnberg, Chane van Heerden and Celiwe Mbokazi.

The luncheon will be at The Blockhouse on Constantia Uitsig Wine Farm, a new venue for us.  A fabulous 3-course luncheon created by Chef Brad Ball including Constantia Uitsig wines and service will cost R390 per person.  We will return to Buitenverwachting when Edgar re-opens for the September luncheon.

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Monday, 8 July 2019

A Headmaster's Story - Bill Schroder


‘There will only be one boss in my Pretoria Boys High memory – Wise, calm and a mentor to us all.’
John Smit – former Springbok captain

Thursday 18th July – 12 noon for 12h30
The Grill Room, Kelvin Grove
Guest Speaker Bill Schroder

Here is a teacher who has left an indelible mark on thousands of pupils, from Cape Town to Pretoria. It’s a fabulous and inspirational book.

Bill Schroder is the stuff of which teaching legends are made. Strict, yet kind and tolerant, he blended a magic mix of care and discipline to bring out the best in his pupils.

In A Headmaster’s Story, Bill shares the story of his life, offering many insights into the challenges and rewards of teaching. He describes how he was a natural leader, and that helping young people realise their potential was his life’s calling.

Bill also charts how his teaching philosophy developed as he taught at and led a variety of schools, including SACS, Western Province Prep, Rondebosch Boys’, Westerford, Rhodes High, Pinelands High in Cape Town and York High in George.

When he was appointed the head of Pretoria Boys High in 1990, Bill took on the challenge of leading one of the country’s top state schools and soon earned the undying admiration of pupils, parents, staff and Old Boys alike. At the end of a long and distinguished career, he did not rest on his laurels but went back into the fray, helping to mentor a struggling township high school.

The Grill Room is one of the nicest rooms at Kelvin especially for a luncheon such as ours.
A 2-course luncheon will cost you R350.

Please contact Sandy either on email or telephone 021 685 8016 to book or for any other information you require.  

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Launching For The People - Anelia Schutte

Guest Speaker Anelia Schutte

Luncheon at Buitenverwachting on Thursday 13 June at 12 noon for 12h30

Anelia Schutte grew up in Knysna, lives in London and is currently based in the United States. She will be in Cape Town for a short time to promote her book For the People.
It is an interesting Biography/Autobiography based on her life in Knysna...

Anele says:

“I never thought I had a book in me. Not until, while on a writing retreat, I started remembering the stories. Stories my parents had told me when I was growing up. Of riots. Of secret meetings. Of phones being tapped. Of my mother driving through barricades of armoured vehicles and burning cars to help the black people on the other side. Stories of how she stood up to the police for arresting and detaining honest people. And eventually left her job because my father didn’t want to raise me and my brothers alone.

Snippets of memories from a childhood I hadn’t thought about for twenty years.

I wanted to know more; to find out what had really happened in my hometown all those years before.

I put my job in London on hold, got on a plane and went back to Knysna to find the truth.

What I found was a story much bigger than my mother. It was a story of a whole community, black, white and brown, torn apart and brought together by apartheid.

For the People is that story.”

The Restaurant

We are hoping to sit on the Terrace overlooking the mountains and the beautiful vineyards at Buitenverwachting. Menu available on request  The price per person is R440 inclusive of wine and service.

Please telephone Sandy on 021 685 8016 to book or for more information .

Published by Jonathan Ball Publishers

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Launching Crackerjack - Peter Church

Exciting local author Peter Church is to be the guest speaker at the Thursday Club's May luncheon to take place at Buitenverwachting Restaurant on Thursday 23 May, 12 Noon for 12h30...

He will be chatting about his edge of the seat, brand new, crime thriller Crackerjack.

Church is a family man and lives in Constantia with his wife and three children. Crackerjack is his third book.

From Bantry Bay to Deep Cyber Crackerjack will keep you guessing; this page turning book takes you from when young, bright and sexy, Carla Vitale has been handpicked to run Supertech, Africa’s leading independent engineering firm… then, one Friday afternoon in Cape Town, her dream is shattered.
Her boss and mentor, Nial Townley, disappears, his luxury vehicle is found in a crevice at the bottom of Chapman’s Peak, and US$20 million is missing from Supertech’s overseas accounts.
Three months later the police still haven’t solved the riddle of either his death or the missing money. (See some reviews at the bottom of the invitation)

Menu not available as yet, but I can say with certainty that Chef Patron, Edgar Osojnik will be titillating our taste buds with an absolutely delicious lunch.

Crackerjack was released in the US to favourable reviews, such as the New York Journal of Books which commends Church's strong, believable characters. One of Church's other strengths is his ability to conjure a visual picture - from an icy midnight swim in the Atlantic to a high-speed drive down Ou Kaapse Weg. Crackerjack has a complex plot with unexpected twists and turns.

For more information or to book email or telephone 021 685 8016